“Uncle” Andy here.  I’m the founder of Buy Like a Guy and full time diamond and engagement ring curator.  (I’m a 3rd generation jewelry store owner, so I’ve been around the Bridal Block a few times.)  This is a blog of unconventional wisdom for guys who are in the market for diamonds and engagement rings. warholed me actually round

I’m going to say it like it is…and do my best to give you the tools you need to buy diamonds and jewelry the same way you order a beer:  with complete and utter confidence.  (Read My Pledge To You.)

I believe buying an engagement ring is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do, but it’s made hard by our industry, the media, and of course, other guys.  Most of the “hard” information you get is from the misinformed…or people who haven’t spent much time in the business.

The information you DO get from the industry is sugar-coated and veiled in wispy phrases that don’t do a helluva’ lot for you when you’re trying to make your decision.  That ends here.

I usually publish articles every week or so, and each one is inspired by real life discussions and revelations that occur in my store and online.  I’m connected to the insiders of this industry and we talk a ton, and those conclusions inevitably wind up in an article.

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One last thing…

I have your back.  If you have a question and want to talk to me directly click here and have at it.  I’ll get back to you as soon as my human life allows.  (Yes…I WILL get back to you.  That’s a promise.)

Take care…and I’ll see you on the inside!

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