• I will never lie.
  • I shoot straight.  Always.
  • I will work to weed out the bullsh*t so you can make your own decisions with confidence.
  • I confess that I do not know “everything” there is to know about diamonds and engagement rings,* but I DO know more than most people.
  • I am a Pro.  I continue to learn and study this business and improve.  That’s what professionals do.
  • I consult with other industry professionals every single day.  It’s where I get the majority of my information, and some of them are legends in this business.  (Even though you may never hear about them.)
  • I will never forget why you’re buying an engagement ring in the first place.  It’s more about the “why” than the “what.”
  • I will always love cold beer, but I’m on a mission to figure out what makes one bourbon better than another one.  (I think the parallels to buying diamonds is uncanny.  Email me if you’d like a more thorough explanation.)

That about covers it.

Uncle Andy
Uncle Andy


*The diamond industry is HUGE, and new information crops up every day.  It’s not possible to know EVERYTHING there is to know about it. Anyone that says they do, is  a liar.  See my first point above.