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Love this!

What an amazing idea and concept! This is SO practical and great for anyone considering a sparkly purchase.

Elite Advice

Wish I would've known Andy 27 years ago! Fellas, save yourself a lot of inner turmoil, and get the advice you need. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Buy Like A Guy is a great way to figure out how to introduce them!

Great show!

This show answers all sorts of questions related to diamonds and gift giving. Loved the episode where men are encouraged to give the gift with confidence. No need to explain or elaborate. Simply give your lady her gift and allow her to take in the moment.


This podcast is taking the guess work out of buying jewelry! Love how short and sweet the episodes are too!! Great job!!


Practical, helpful and well produced. Jewelry purchasing feels like a gate kept world and this show does a great job of democratizing that info!

Helpful show!

Buy Like a Guy with Andy is a helpful show for so many people! Andy is a fantastic host and I learn something new every episode. Keep up the great work!

Pleasantly surprised

Definitely going to send this show to my partner. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content and it may be a good reference for him.

Help for those of us who don't get it..

The host is sharing little gold nuggets one at a time. Do you want to give her a gift she will love? He has an idea that will help you. Do you want the perfect diamond? He will find it for you. A really good podcast for the guy with little time and someone special in his life

Jewelry Hobnob

Clever metaphor of shopping to find perfect gifts, perfect bourbon or the perfect diamond in a high quality audio with short, easy to consume segments. Pleasant and accessible

Always good

This show is such a surprise. I never expected the world of jewelry to have so much to explore! I love the format and accessible lengths!


This podcast is “just right” just like the perfect gift. Andy does a great job, in short, digestible sequences giving you ideas of the perfect gifts (and some of the pitfalls). I really enjoyed this advice and know that you will as well. This is one to subscribe to and have it there for when you are ready for your next purchase.

Super niche and helpful content

Although I’m not in the market for jewelry, I do love how specific and niche this podcast is. The host clearly knows his audience and provides valuable advice and actionable content in each bite-sized episode. Nice work!

Quick and helpful

I love the bite-sized nature of the podcast! Easy to understand and always valuable. As a guy, this podcast has helped me understand jewelry in a way I never thought I could!


Andy knows his audience and his area of expertise. His quick, practical advice will be invaluable for anyone looking to make that big purchase.

Quick hits

Quick easy to consume episodes that I’m definitely going to have my husband tune in to. Love these bite sized podcasts!


This is a must listen to podcast for every BEFORE they get engaged to be married. Such straightforward tips that are easy to remember and quick to put into action. Andy gives you the confidence to make the right choice. Keep it up … this is great material.